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Welcome to "THE ANTI VIRUS MALL". This site has been created with the singular objective of safeguarding your precious data on you Home Computers/ Laptops/ Business Networks and all Smart Devices.

With the advent of more seamless technology the Hackers of the world are creating more and more tools and viruses to unprecedented levels. This leaves us – the ordinary folks with very little choice but to seek protective programs which safe guard our precious data and identity.

This Website has been promoted by PMC Technology Group. The people behind this have decades of experience in Developing and Marketing such products globally. The primary business till recently was in Project Management/ IT Staffing /Web Development in the Financial Services Industry catering to some very large Institutions.

This online mall offering specific Anti-Virus products is an effort towards diversification into the Global E Commerce market with special focus on DATA and INFORMATION PROTECTION to the average consumers and small businesses.

The primary business is based out of New Jersey in the US and has clients and affiliates across the world.

VISION: To help protect all the Consumers to safe guard their data be it personal or business to the maximum extent!

MISSION: Maximize the coverage of TOOLS AND PRODUCTS which help the Consumers protect their DATA to safeguard what is most precious to them , be it personal or Business!

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